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NEW: SlashCommands!

EasyPoll now supports Discord Slash Commands! Try it out.

Just get started

Yes / No Poll: /poll <Question>
Custom answer Poll: /poll <Question> <answer1> <answer2> <...>

Help Command

Good overview

Stands out from other bots by some special points..

  • Easy setup and usage
  • Discord Slash Commands
  • Discord Verified Bot
  • No advertising or paid features
Help Command

Create Polls

Very easy creation of polls, where members can respond by clicking a reaction.

  • Just one command
  • Simple yes / no surveys
  • Surveys with up to 20 individual answers
  • Custom Discord emojis for answer options
Poll Command

Simple voting

Easy participation in the survey by clicking on the matching reaction.

  • Just one click
  • Easy to understand
  • Maximum one answer for YES/NO surveys
Help Command

Simple permissions system

Very simple permission system with discord permissions, roles and channel names.

  • Members with the server permission ADMINISTRATOR
  • Members with a server role named PollCreator (Must be created manually)
  • All members in text channels that contains easypoll in name or description (topic)

Some servers using EasyPoll...

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Members: 394
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